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The commercial real estate world was rapidly changing at the beginning of the decade, and now it is morphing faster than ever. In a state of constant recovery and reinvention, the Southern California commercial real estate market has been unpredictable, yet trending toward growth.

These uncertainties have not deterred the talented people featured in this list of visionaries. These executives, lenders, builders, professional service providers have brought savvy, adaptability and relentless optimism to the commercial real estate world. Their leadership has given the industry a post-pandemic boost it absolutely required, and has steered the sector back toward the headline-making growth and unique projects that Southern California has always been famous for.


Concord Companies Pivots Toward
NPL Opportunities

Los Angeles-based real estate investment manager Concord Companies is shifting away from multifamily acquisitions toward more non-performing loans transactions as the current market downturn presents rare, distressed opportunities to investors with this appetite.


Concord Companies Included on list for Best Places to Work in real estate

We know, we know. You love working from home. So do we as a matter of fact. But there is much to be said for coming into the office for any number of reasons, from collaborating and even socializing with coworkers to face time with higher ups. Many companies have settled into a schedule of three days at work and two at home. Other companies are starting to really pressure their workers to come in all five days of the week. Here’s a secret for these companies: if you make your corporate and physical environment an attractive destination you probably won’t have that much of a problem. On the following pages we have chronicled those CRE companies that fall into that category.

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Concord Property Management Creates Supply Method to Optimize Efficiencies

The supply-chain issues that have plagued multifamily owners and operators since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic have eased in recent months. But industry executives report that lingering delays are now compounded by inflation-induced increases in the cost of materials and labor challenges.

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