Concord Property Management is an industry-leader and a well-known owner/operator in Southern California and beyond. From onboarding and takeover to monthly reporting, we work closely with our partners to optimize operations and provide unparallel expertise.

Why Work With Us?

Concord Property Management has over 50 years of combined leadership experience. With roots in Southern California, but assets in concentrated markets like San Francisco and Chicago, our range is expansive and our deliverables are always owner-forward.

We invest in primary markets with favorable supply and demand factors. Our portfolio is concentrated in submarkets with strong demographics and stable employment bases.

Our team handles all aspects of the investment process in-house, allowing us to pull multiple levers at once to drive value. We do not reach for yield by entering risky markets or underwriting speculative rent growth.

We look for high-quality assets that have suffered from underinvestment and mismanagement. Repositioning such assets, purchased at a discount to replacement cost, has historically led to highly attractive outcomes.

Our acquisitions team has built an extensive network of relationships with brokers and property owners in our markets, as evidenced by our history of sourcing deals both on and off-market.

Concord’s wide breadth of expertise allows us to pivot opportunistically into different product types and markets to exploit market inefficiencies wherever they appear.

Management Details

From onboarding and takeover to monthly reporting, we work closely with our partners to optimize operations. Our team works cross-functionally to ensure that your building is serviced from multiple viewpoints.


We provide a seamless transition from your previous management company with our multi-faceted toolkit of spreadsheets, trackers, and a series of onboarding meetings.


Our leasing process is streamlined. With our single-platform technique, the process is efficient and completely digital, allowing for faster due diligence, tenant approval, and payment.


We are not just a management company, we are owners as well. From onsite staff to dedicated maintenance technicians, your properties will receive 360-degree service. We know what each asset class entails, and


Concord Property Management utilizes its in-house construction division to service unit renovations, building improvements and CapEx projects.


Our team handles your properties’ accounting from end to end. From the moment we receive a check to the moment we pay a bill, we have the proper workflows in place to ensure frictionless AR and AP.


Monthly Management Reports provide you with a snapshot of your properties’ financial health, along with tactical insight from our team to maximize your profits.

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